Being able to confirm the actual stock on-hand and the value of the stock is vital for most pharmacies. It enables you to identify variances and quickly identify issues with stock management and control. The stock report enables you to make informed decisions about, theft, slow-moving items, and stock holding values.

It helps to be prepared for your stocktake. 

Here are some guideline to try  follow to ensure the stocktake runs smoothly: 

1. Establish which stock is owned by the business and the location of the stock, Identify stock that has already been dispensed, but has not yet been received by the customer and is still on the premises. Stock received but not yet recorded anywhere yet should also be identified.

2. The stock room needs to tidy and stock items should be clearly laid out Ensure stock held at different locations is all accounted for. You should attach labels to shelves to clearly identify what should be counted.

3. If possible, in dispensary keep spilt packs to one of each sku.

4. If there are large overstocks of cosmetics please have same colours/shades banded together where possible.

5. On the day of the count keep any deliveries aside once the count has started. Deliver them in at the end of the day.

6. If there is any pinch point that needs to be done early in the day, please identify to us on arrival A well planned stocktake will result in minimal disruption.

7. Try and not move any stock around the pharmacy once the count has started to avoid it being counted twice or being missed altogether.

8. Any stock items that are no scanning in the front of shop try and set up before the count if possible.

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Now LIVE stock take solution is possibly for Touchstore, Retail Solutions and McLernons customers.

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